PlastArt considers the quality of the product proposed to the Clients an essential point. The great assistance, but above all the great product, creates an add value. Our products have obtained the CATAS certification, proof of the excellence reached in the qualitative levels. This certification, valid all over the world, assures that every step to produce an item will be monitored by an auditor to comply with the highest quality standard. Buying our product means to have a product of design and high technology made with long lasting and strong materials and with high production standard.


Imitation of the Italian design? Always and ever. Thanks to the genius of our Italian designers we have the luck to offer products that are inspired only by the beauty of the shapes and by the semplicity of their use. The creations born from this inspiration, the technology of the materials and the processing techniques give life to real style icons, impossible to find on the Market for their uniqueness. The inspiration comes as a surprise, but is the experience that makes the difference. Our designers create years after years materials for fornitures thinking how to make the every day life easier, comfortable and beautiful.


As we know, a furniture or an accessory simply loses its value if not supported by a high technology. For this reasons our products are fabricated with the best plastic materials offered by the Market, analyzed in a laboratory to create always new shapes that can be long lasting and strong. We are proud to say that there are not on the Market products that can equal our artistic inventions and with an incredible structural resistance, that maintains its characteristic even after years of exposure in every weather conditions. Follow this link for more information.


Every products of design and with high technology need a bit of care and maintenance to help them stay in perfect conditions, not our products. This section can simply give you a hint: use water with a sponge or a cloth. Anyway there are other few precautions to ensure optimum durability to the plastic materials in general, such as avoid the use of any colored detergents, abrasives, acid or basic solvents. All these recommendations can be found in a small maintenance guide. With PlastArt the time is only for relax!