We are a Group of Italian Companies which project and develop molding technologies, we also distribute furnitures and accessories made with innovative design and with well-advanced materials.The main target of our Companies has always been to be the leaders in the Plastic Processing Sector. The ever-expanding growth of our show-rooms aims to offer the real Made in Italy quality all over the world. The new partner of the Group, PlastArt Phuket, wants to be the main distribution center of all our products in the South East Asia.

Maico Presse is one of the founder of the Group and is located in Brescia, near Milan, in North of Italy. MaicoPresse S.p.A was founded in 1975, manufactures die casting machines and injection molding machines to process plastic materials. The Company occupies about 14000 m2 and employs more than 100 workers. This is the Company PDF presentation.

Italtechnology is the second founder of the Group and is located in Brescia, near Milan, in North of Italy. It is specialized in making molds that will be used in production. The innovative process to manufacture the products, gas assist injection, allows to create objects that in the past would have been unthinkable and with the advantage to save energy. This is the Company PDF presentation.

PlastArt Milano is the first distribution centre born in Italy and has a show-room covering more than 200 m2. Beyond its role in the distribuiton of the products in North of Italy, PlastArt Milano is the logistic base of the Group where takes place the organization and the distribution of all the items. PlastArt, with its interior design studio, will offer the highest level of expert advice.

Spazio 900 Roma is the second Italian distribution center and is located in the Convention Center in the Capital. With its show-room of 2000 m2, it provides the products to the city of Rome directly. In addition, the well-known Convention Center has chosen Spazio 900 as its sole supplier for every events organized inside its spaces. Spazio 900 also distributes its products in the Center and South of Italy.

PlastArt Swiss is the distribution center born to satisfy the European clients. Its show room occupies more than 150 m2 and is located in Lugano in Swiss. The headquarters follows the commercial part concerning all the European area and employs design advisors able to speak 4 languages. PlastArt Swiss is the representative in charge to arranges the participation to all the main Exhibitions in Europe.

PlastArt Phuket is the new partner of the Group. Its headquarter is in Thailand and it manages all the distribution in the Southeast Asia. The show-room in Phuket covers 150 m2 and is located in the commercial area of Laguna Beach. Beside its interior designer studio, PlastArt Phuket offers extra services to complete the interior of your location (see section contract).